Traditional & Chemical Farming Sri Lanka

Hybrid seeds and chemical use farming has been course for many problems in Sri Lanka for decades. So, traditional Rice verities and chemical free farming methods should be strengthen and popularize in order to avoid those problems such as health, economic and social.

Is Organic More Expensive?

Yes. Going organic can put a pinch in your budget for the reasons stated above. What’s important…a pinch in your budget or your health? That’s all fine and dandy on paper, but when it comes to the economy, we are always looking where to save a rupee and unfortunately we usually cut costs on the type and quality of food we eat.

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Dr.P.I. Yapa - 1960changing farming method Sri Lanka
Dr.P.I. Yapa, 1960vision field of Srilankan Paddy Farmer
Is eating rice good for health?

Sri Lanka want to improve the marketing possibilities of traditional rice  varieties. Traditional varieties are known to have many benefits as they can be grown well without chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides and have important nutritional values. For example, Suwandel traditional rice is good for people having diabetes as it has a low glycemic index (17%). Carbohydrates break down slowly during digestion and release glucose slowly into the bloodstream. Growing food crops without killing insects is also more in line with the Buddhist precepts of non-killing. 

Masuran paddy with Rukmal                              Masuran, best rice variety for diabetics                                         Every 10 seconds a person dies due to diabetes-related causes.The traditional local rice variety Masuran has been identified as the healthiest rice for diabetic patients in Sri Lanka, Industrial Technical Institute (ITI) Herbal Technology Head Dr. Sirimal Premakumara told a media briefing at the Government Information Department. “We have found that rice brand (outer cover of rice) is rich with the enzyme which converts sugar into glucose. A recent study showed a significant reduction in the sugar level of those who consumed the Masuran rice variety,” he said.                                                                                                                 Over two million Sri Lankans (10 percent of the population) currently suffer from diabetes. In 2007, 246 million people worldwide were affected by diabetes 

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